Do you think

Is he asleep

Why are his hands

Does he think he's eating

Is that because

Did you remember his shirts

Did you remember to label his shirts

Do the nurses

When did we abandon therapy

When did his carotid

How long has his heart

Is he comfortable

If we

Will he

Does his brain fight

Who should we tell

Can mom

Did one of his grandparents

How do you sell a house

How do you remove a tree

Is time the same as money

Are his kidneys

Are they giving him

What time is lunch

What if we brought

Did he participate

Was he violent

Is that extra

How's his lawn

Is he sleeping

What kind of fabric

Did he see the frost

Would he like to go

What do you mean, the lower left quadrant of his vision

How often

How's his blood sugar

Should we wake him

Should we come back

Did you email

Did you call

Could you leave us alone

Would it help if we complained

What are you doing tomorrow

Do you want

Is that blood

Is that sugar-free

Hot chocolate 


Tyler Brewington: my newest ritual is a daily path/obstacle reading. Shuffle your deck until it feels right and choose two cards: path, obstacle. Turn them over and receive! So good. I'm currently adoring The Trailhead by fellow Boisean Kerri Webster. "I was superstitious mainly because someone, either God or a desert foremother, kept talking to me in the dark," she says. Love. The last novel that wouldn't let me go was Fever Dream by Semanta Schweiblin, with translator Megan McDowell. I just signed up for Netflix again after some time away and I'm overwhelmed. Tell me what to watch on Netflix @bylertrewington.  

Cover image by Tyler Brewington: closeup of mineral deposit in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.

Darla Mottram