BECAUSE | stephanie roberts


Is there something I can send you from across the sea? –Bob Dylan

Because you said the music of my sighs chime seraphic, i told the milkman
(in a tone so low he had to lean in to my punch & whisper) i will have
your money for you Monday
. he seemed pleased to leave sung upon
& unsatisfied, & i didn't stop conquering there—i believed in you like May

Because you pierced me as an angel of light falls dagger & yawning
from heaven, i thought i could gain knowledge of good & evil eating
every orange & purple verb move of your sweet black sentencing
(spreading butter-memory & honey-fantasy)—i hungered to a happy death

Because hope's stench fumes from the pocket of the heart's bottomless
fray, from head & entrails too, i almost fell in my weary want for eternity
—a you & me from before all, to end all. Before you, after, & certainly
at the time, i thought us all this & Bob Dylan too. 


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stephanie roberts is reading John Sibley Williams' Disinheritance, and Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Her faith is surrender to the heart loves what it loves. Twitter shenanigans @ringtales. 

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