gaze: (verb) to look steadily or intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought.

gaze: (noun) a steady, intent look.




"The look which the eyes manifest, no matter what kind of eyes they are is a pure reference to myself. What I apprehend immediately when I hear the branches crackling behind me is not that someone is there; it is that I am vulnerable, that I have a body which can be hurt, that I occupy a place and that I can not in any case escape from the space in which I am without defense - in short, that I am seen. Thus the look is first an intermediary which refers from me to myself. What is the nature of this intermediary? What does being seen mean for me?" (Sartre)



gaze is interested in the intersection between seeing and being seen; an attempt to incite a looking inward/outward at once; a multidirectional kind of love.

gaze is a passion project run by Darla Mottram, a writer based in Portland, Oregon.